Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Katita Stark

President, Stark Communications  

Katita Stark is an award-winning public relations practitioner who has managed for over twenty-five years her own marketing public relations business based in Toronto, Canada, where she services primarily a North American client base. 

Previous to forming SCI, she was Vice President, Public Relations of a PR firm which she help launch and which is associated with one of Canada's largest international advertising agencies. Recently, she also worked as interim Senior Vice President of an international PR firm to help build its corporate practice. 

Katita has also worked with the federal government in five major departments, based in Winnipeg and Ottawa, with responsibilities for internal, regional and national communications programs, providing strategic planning and program execution. In addition, she began her career in Los Angeles and New York City as a feature writer then later as public relations manager for an international monthly magazine. 

She has worked with sectors from corporate, to all levels of government, consumer, financial, professional associations, and not for profit organizations. More recently she has focused on the financial sector, the banking and mutual fund industry, and the consumer sector.

Katita is an award-winning, accredited member of the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) and was inducted in June 2002 into the CPRS College of Fellows. Annually, she is an accreditation examiner for CPRS.
 Also, she is a veteran speaker at conferences on communications/marketing public relations, specifically on the process and benefits of communications audits and networking. 

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