Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Stark Communications Services

  • Strategic Counsel & Planning Session
    We need to review past successes, current initiatives and future goals before Stark can recommend how best to move forward in partnership with you. All business, marketing and public relations objectives must be connected to create a meaningful P.R. program.
  • Communications Audits & Research
    Current messages and vehicles of communication are analyzed, and interviews with key target audiences and focus groups are held to determine impact on internal and external audiences. When this research is completed and analyzed, Stark will develop a one year specific and a two to five year general marketing/public relations plan based on the report recommendations.
  • Crisis / Issues/Reputation Management
    It takes time and money to create a great brand, which can be ruined in a nano second if you aren't prepared for threats that may harm your reputation. Stark will develop a communications action plan to handle different crisis or issue scenarios.
  • Public Affairs
    At some point you may need some effective support presenting your views to the various levels of government. Stark works with you and your key influencers to communicate your views on subjects that have a bearing on your industry and your organization.
  • Social Media and Media Relations
    The public views the media as an important source of impartial information. A media story about your company or quoting your company spokesperson, becomes a third party endorsement of your products, services and actions. Stark has solid contacts with key electronic, print and internet/social media to ensure your message connects.
  • Spokesperson & Presentation Training
    How the message is delivered or information is presented, is just as important as the content of what is said. Stark has coached executives and managers to feel confident in delivering their messages to media, employees, boards and other important audiences.
  • Event Management
    Stark has produced stage shows, gala / anniversary events, and trade shows for internal staff and external audiences for all manner of clients. Our commitment to 'sweat the small stuff' translates into an extraordinary experience for your event.
  • Sponsorship
    Whether it's for one sponsor for one day, or many sponsors for a number of events over several days, Stark has identified and secured sponsorship partners. Many of these grew to be ongoing, long-term relationships. We work with the client to develop a customized plan and program to ensure an optimally beneficial match and to maximize future sponsorship opportunities.
  • Creative Materials
    Collateral materials can give life to your messages, emphasize key areas of your organization and/or signal an event. Stark will develop logos, brands, electronic newsletters, brochures, sizzle videos, youtube and presentation videos, and more that fit your strategic objectives.

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